Thyristor generators

Thyristor generators are designed for supplying power to induction furnaces and heaters. The input voltage of the generator is supplied from the matching transformer which is also the isolation transformer. Parallel resonance system is the generator loading which consists of inductor inductance and the capacity of the capacitors banks.

Generator tyrystorowy

The principle of operation

Phase-controlled 6 or 12-pulse thyristor rectifier is the input system of the generator which converts the power received from the alternating current network into controlled direct current power.

Smoothing choke in direct current circuit provides uninterrupted power supply from rectifier to thyristor inverter and limits current in case of short-circuit in receiver. Thyristor inverter operates in full single-phase bridge circuit. Electronic control system generates ignition impulses of the rectifier and the inverter thyristors. Output voltage is controlled by setting potentiometer or other superior system.

Output power of the generator is independent from the variations of the mains voltage and the load resistance changes. Electronic circuit of the generator protects the generator from the excess of maximal currents and voltages and also controls the most important parameters of the generator.


  • Switch-on of the generator at zero values of input currents
  • Limitation of maximal output currents
  • High efficiency
  • Automatic adjustment of the operating frequency to the resonance frequency of the receiver



  • Power supply of crucible induction furnaces with ceramic lining or with graphite crucible
  • Power supply of induction heaters


Technical data

  • Power range from 20 kW to 1,5 MW
  • Maximal output voltage 500V – 2500V
  • Operating frequency 250 Hz ÷ 4 kHz

Generator typu GT-200-4-600

The range of voltages and generator power is selected according to individual Customer’s requirements.

We offer consulting service regarding the optimal selection of the generators.