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Who we are?

ZAM Kęty Sp. z o.o. company was established in 1966 and is known across and out of the country for the manufacturing of gas and induction furnaces for melting metals.
Our company also manufactures apparatus for measuring of air pollution, abrasion resistant rubber parts, hydrocyclones, containers for the transportation of dangerous goods.
In addition, our company specializes in realization of non-standard, small-batch and unitary projects made on the basis of the documentation of the Customer or mutual agreement. The company has got many years’ experience (several hundred reference entries) and competent engineering - technical staff with own design office. High quality products and services are supported by ISO 9001 certificate and welded structure authorizations issued by TDT (Transportation Technical Supervision).

Mężczyzna w warsztacie

What distinguishes the manufacturer of industrial equipment ZAM Kęty?

Człowiek ze strzałkami

Over 50 years of industry experience

Ikona koła zębatego

Extensive technical and engineering facilities

Ikona celu

Attention to the smallest construction details

Ikona uściśniętych dłoni

Realization of individual orders

Our long-term presence on the market is a guarantee of reliability and high-quality products. We focus on continuous development, which is why we use modern technologies that enable us to create innovative solutions for clients. Our team consists of engineers who have the necessary knowledge and skills to implement even the most demanding projects. As a manufacturer of industrial equipment, at ZAM Kęty we attach great importance to construction details. We understand that the smallest details are important for the performance, durability and reliability of the delivered products.

Formowanie ciekłego metalu

Induction furnaces

Aparatura pomiarowa

Control – measuring apparatus

Generatory tyrystorowe

Thyristor generators

Szafa zasilająca

Control – power cabinets



Pojemnik z materiałami łatwopalnymi

Containers for the transportation of dangerous goods

Stalowa konstrukcja

Steel structures

Gumowe wyłożenie młynów

Wear-resistant linings of mills

Gumowa płyta

Rubber plates

Kadzie do transportu ciekłego metalu

Ladles for the transport of liquid metal

A long-term manufacturer of solutions in the field of mechanics and automation for industry. Feel free to contact us!