Ladles for the transport of liquid metal

Ladles are used for the transport of liquid metal inside or outside the workshop. The ladles can be transferred using crane (lifting sling), forklift or platform trucks on public roads.

The ladle design and construction is adjusted to individual requirements of the Customer.


Pouring-out of the metal from the ladle can be realised:

  • by tilting:
    • using the wheel with self-stopping gear
    • using the gantry crane
    • using the forklift truck equipped with turning ladle fork
  • by bottom stopper (without tilting)

Ladle for the transport of liquid aluminium:

  • Capacity 3000 kg
  • Capacity 6000 kg

Held certificates and approvals:

  • Welding technology no TDT/03-06/07 issued by TDT (Transportation Technical Supervision)
  • Permission for manufacturing, upgrade, and repair of metal intermediate bulk containers (IBCs) for the transportation of melted metal
  • UN 3257 class 9 acc. to ADR