Miernik prędkości gazu

The activities of ZAM Kęty Sp. z o.o. are supported by over 40 years of experience in manufacturing and repairing of equipment for metallurgy, founding, chemical, ceramics and building materials industries. We also execute turnkey operations it means with the installation of the equipment in the Customer’s plant and with the start-up.

Furthermore, ZAM Kęty Sp. z o.o. designs and manufactures devices according to Customer’s individual requirements.

We provide a complete delivery, installation, start-up and warranty service. Manufacture, services, marketing and development of products takes place at the Mechanical Department and at the Automation and Control-Measuring Apparatus Department

Mechanical Department


  1. Production area ca. 4500 m2
  2. Welding certificate TDT (Transportation Technical Supervision)
  3. Carbon steels, high-strength steels
  4. Alloy-stainless and heat-resistant steels
  5. Aluminium and alloys to PA4
  6. Gas-shielded welding MIG, MIG-MAG, TIG, welders with authorisation according to EN-287-1 standard
  7. Coated electrode welding
  8. Copper welding, speciality: copper lines of current and copper lines of water-current o Authorisation for the manufacturing of welded structures acc. to DIN 18800 Grosser Eignungsnachweis – SLV HALLE
  9. Qualification Certificate and Group of Companies (awarded by the Institute of Welding in Gliwice)
  10. Coiling of steel sheets on drums
  11. A wide range of machining
  12. A capability for sand-blasting of large-size structures
  13. Rubber and rubber-metal products made of abrasion and oil-resistant mixtures
  14. Production of containers for transportation of dangerous and harmful goods with permission for the transportation on public roads
  15. Paint room with spray booth
  16. Quality Management System Certificate according to ISO 9001

Automatic Department


  1. Production area ca. 1000 m2
  2. Induction furnaces of grid and medium frequency for melting: cast-iron, cast-steel and non-ferrous metals:
    • Melting and casting furnaces:
      • Crucible furnaces, power range: from 50kW up to 1,5 MW, capacity up to 10 T
      • Channel type furnaces, power range: from 30 up to 900 kW, capacity 30 T
      • Channel type induction furnaces for zinc melting, capacity up to 30 T
  3. Resistance furnaces for melting: aluminium, tin and bismuth
  4. Electromagnetic pumps for stirring liquid aluminium in gas furnaces
  5. Induction heaters
  6. Foundry machinery
  7. Dry-type transformers for thermo-induction applications with the power of up to 1MW, as well as dry-type transformers made on the basis of supplied documentation
  8. Automation and control systems
  9. Upgrade of thermo-induction devices, along with the ones of western production
  10. Renovations and repairs of inductors for induction furnaces and water-current cords
  11. Reconstruction works of all types inductors
  12. Spare sub-assemblies for induction furnaces
  13. Copper welding (inductors, water-current cords and copper lines of current)
  14. Warranty and after warranty service of devices
  15. Control-measuring apparatus for environment protection