Control – measuring apparatus

Produktion und Distribution: Abteilung Automatik und Apparatur

1. P-10ZA Automatic gravimetric dust meter

Designed for the measurements of dust concentration in flow channels. These measurements are used to determine particulate matter from technological equipment, efficiency of dust extractors, emission of dust pollution.



1. Stainless and titanium zero tips PDF

2. Zero probe::

3. ZSPFW-10 Unit of Dust Separator for Internal Filtration PDF
4. Measuring filter
5. TR-10T Heated-type tee with titanium aspirator PDF
6. ZP-10ZA Measuring pipe PDF
7. ZPW-10 Unit for humidity measurement (Psychrometer) PDF
8. SW-10 Moisture separator PDF
9. ZI-10 Impulse power supply adapter PDF
10. S-20A Gas extractor PDF
11. Heated hose type WGT-200 PDF
12. RT-200 Temperature regulator PDF
13. Impact pressure tube

2. CMR-10A Digital differential micromanometer

Designed for making accurate measurements of differential pressure of gases, particularly for the measurements of gas velocities with impact pressure pipes of any type (different numbers of the shape B) and for the measurements of gas flow through measuring pipes.


3. Psychrometer – Gas moisture meter, model CMZG11

This meter allows for indirect measurement of relative humidity moisture and gas density flow channels, dust removing equipment, ventilation systems and in enclosed rooms.


4. Gas Parameters Monitor model MPG21

Designed for measurements of humidity(0 ÷ 100%), temperature (-50 ÷ 200 0C) and absolute pressure of gases (500 ÷ 1500 hPa), including dusty gases, in the range of temperature up to 200  0C.


5. MP 300 Air velocity and temperature meter, thermoanemometer

Portable meter that works together with thermoanemometric and ultrasonic probes which are used to determine air velocity and temperature.


6. MPR-300 Rotational gas velocity meter

Designed for a broad range of (pure and dusted) gas velocity measurements in flow channels, also at low speeds (below 3 m/s), which cannot be measured with impact pressure tubes.


7. Barometer - Absolute Pressure Meter, model CMCB11

This system allows for measurement of absolute pressure in the range of 50 ÷ 1500 hPa, with uncertainty of reading lower than ±1 hPa.


8. ASP-3 II Two-channel gas sampler

The gas sampler has two independent measuring channels and it has been designed for taking air samples to assess air pollution through their adsorption or absorption and for taking samples of waste gases from emitters of different technological processes.


9. ASP 3 I Gas sampler

The system is a portable device designed for taking air samples to assess air pollution through their adsorption or absorption.


10. Electronic pellicular flow meter BEMP-XA

The system has been designed for gas flow measurement in laboratory conditions It can be used for the work together with gas chromatograph, calibration of rotameters or other flow meters or gas samplers.


11. AWE -PW Portable volatile organic compounds analyzer

Designed for control measurement of OWO content (total organic carbon) in gases containing high content of water vapour. Main application of the system is the indication of the content of organic substances which are expressed as total organic carbon in waste gases of refuse incineration plants.


12. UH-2 Universal Hygrometer

The system has been designed for the measurement of water vapour in emitters, especially where there is high content of water vapour (e.g. refuse incineration plants with wet purification system of fumes). This system is also suitable in other difficult conditions.




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